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The School follows an experience-based CBSE curriculum in classes VI -XII. The curriculum ensures that learning requirements prescribed by NCERT and CBSE are met.

Incorporating the essentials of CBSE board and the National Curriculum Framework, the curriculum places the child at the centre. In classes VI - VII, the school curriculum has been developed in partnership with XSeed Education. The programme, unleashes the creativity of tender minds to ensure that the child knows, understands&applies her learning. Teachers use e-learning modules and digital classrooms to further strengthen the understanding of complex concepts.

The school offers a choice of Science, Humanities and Commerce in Classes XI and XII.

Effective communication and an efficient comprehension are both the means and the ultimate goal of learning a language. The Languages Faculty endeavour to instill a love for literature among the students while encouraging creative writing skills. Oral and aural skills are encouraged through public speaking and read-aloud sessions. Pair and group work give opportunities for more students to participate actively.
The pragmatic model of pedagogy brings in the dynamics of role-play, visits by literary persons of distinction and interactions with them, formation of clubs and societies and a student-managed publications department. Students are encouraged to learn at least 2 more languages besides English. Hindi is taught compulsorily up to class VIII. Sanskrit along with a foreign language is taught from classes VI to VIII.

Mathematics is used throughout the world as an essential tool in many fields. The learning of Mathematics in the school endeavours to integrate math into the child's daily life. Students are encouraged to engage in experimental mathematics to be able to own clear concepts of the subject. Students are expected to acquire skills like spatial ability, reasoning, interpreting data, making estimates, finding patterns.

We strive to arouse the innate curiosity of the student. The teaching of science encourages the students to distinguish opportunities to inquire and discover phenomena of the real world. They are encouraged to learn the skills of enquiry, hypothesis and testing through experimentation and observation. To develop a scientific way of thinking is the objective of teaching of science in the school.
In the Primary classes, the science curriculum clusters around Environmental Studies, Life and processes and the Physical World. The CBSE curriculum for Science and Technology is followed in the senior classes.

The discipline of Humanities covers a wide assortment of subjects. This discipline allows the students to gain new insights into everything from Psychology to Fine Arts to Home Science to Paintings to politics. The element of commonality runs among all these seemingly diverse subjects - the pluralisms of life and living.
Our purpose in teaching Humanities is to help our students evolve as confident citizens of the democratic society -- sensitive, informed, pragmatic and assertive. In the primary classes it includes acquaintance of History, Civics, Geography and Environmental Studies. In Class X, Economics also add to the list while in Class XI and XII Psychology, Sociology and Political Science is added.

This stream offers a wide arena of career options that would bring them both successes as well as financial security. The main subjects that are taught in the Commerce stream in Class XI and XII include Economics, Accountancy, Entrepreneurship and Business Studies. The stream aims at making the girls good at financial planning, problem analysis, reasoning, interpersonal relationships, professional ethics and organizational skills.

The students and teachers use computer technology extensively both as teaching aids and as learning tools. Staff and students both work in a technology-enabled environment. Students are encouraged to put the technology to the best use while making varied presentations for the Class Assembly and other gatherings. The computer syllabus prescribed by the CBSE steers the curriculum.