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   SKV will be a World Class School - a tranquil haven of highest quality education. Driven by honesty, mutual respect, industry and a search for individual identity, all stakeholders will aspire to prepare girl children to become intelligent, sophisticated, compassionate, cultured and discerning young women of substance and integrity. They will be harbingers of positive change in society. World class facilities will be available for the genesis of outstanding achievers, inspired communicators, involved leaders, compassionate citizens and courageous women. The students will be facilitated by sensitive staff who are proficient leaders in their own fields and who freely share of themselves and their knowledge with their students. Being a residential school, a close bond is forged between teacher and taught making both have a justifiable pride in their school.   


   SKV will ensure a safe campus for the physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being of our students. High quality training and orientation programs for faculty will be made available so that the quality of curriculum transaction is enhanced. All effort will be made in the areas of maintaining traditions while encouraging creativity and training in global citizenship and community service.