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AUG 18

Entertainment Night- Vasundhara House

Time: 6:30PM Venue- MJS Hall

Incharge- HM & HMs

AUG 20

Inter House AD-MAD Competition(Srs)

Venue- MJS Hall

InCharge– Dr. S.Agrawal

AUG 20

Inter House Western Band Competition

Venue- MJS Hall

InCharge– Mr. M.Khan

AUG 23

Meeting with Principal - HM & HMs

Time– 5:00PM to 6:00PM Venue- Usha House

AUG 25

Check out for overnight stay – 12.00 noon

AUG 26

Raksha Bandhan

AUG 27

Check in after overnight stay – 8.00 am

AUG 27

Inter House English Parliamentary Debate(Srs.)– Round 1 & 2

Venue– MJS Hall

Incharge – Ms.O. Anand

SEP 02


Incharge– P & VA Department

SEP 05

Teacher's Day

InCharge– Ms. S.Luthra

SEP 10

Inter House Hindi Poetry Writing

Venue– Library

InCharge– Ms. G.Kohli & Ms. A.Kashyap

SEP 10

Inter House Fancy Dress cum Elocution Competition(Open)

Venue– MJS Hall

Incharge – Ms. N.Chaturvedi

SEP 10

Inter House Turn Coat Comeptition(Srs)

Venue– MJS Hall

Incharge- Ms.R.Khanka

SEP 10

Inter House Slogan Writing/Poster Making on International Day for Ozone layer preservation (VIII-IX)

InCharges– Mr.V.S.Pandi & Dr. M.Rawat