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OCT 29

Inter-House Classical Duet(Open)

Venue- MJS Hall

Incharge – Ms. P. Banerjee

OCT 29

Inter-House Dress Designing from Discards Competition (Srs.) ends

Venue- MJS Hall(Display)

Incharge- Ms. S. Choudhary

OCT 25

Inter-House Dress Designing from Discards Competition (Srs.) begins

Venue- H.Sc. Lab

Incharge- Ms. S.Choudhary

OCT 15

Venue- MJS Hall In charge- Ms. A.Sharma

Hindi literary quiz was held on 15 October, 2018.The highlights of the quiz were - hindi literature , grammer and identifying the work of famous hindi poets. In this, 2 participants of each house represented their respective houses with great enthusiasm. There were total 5 rounds. The first and the second round consisted of litrature where as, in the third round the participants were supposed to identify the famous hindi poets by listening to an audio. In the 4th round they were asked to identify the Vachya. Last but not the least, the 5th round consisted of identifying the hindi ras by listening to songs. And the results were as follows : 1. Usha house- 1st, 2. Yashodhara house- 2nd, 3. Vasundhara house- 3rd

OCT 12

Venue- SKV Incharge: Ms. Mahima & Madhavi House

On 12 th October 2018, the staff and students of Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya paid homage to H.H.Rajmata Vijaya Raje Scindia on her 99th birth anniversary. This day was celebrated as Service and Spirituality day. To commemorate the day, shradhanjali was given in the kamla Bhavan foyer in the morning,a lamp was lit and floral offerings were made. The ceremony was attended by the Vice Principal, Bursar, Security Officer, Events Coordinator, Staff and the Student Council. Prasad was distributed to all.
To mark the occasion, Shramdan was done by class 6 A&B under the guidance of Ms. Meenakshi Dixit. Sankalp service project and serving of meals in the mess was undertaken by student council. A field trip to Vivekananda Needam for classes 7 th and 8 th was organised by Ms. Adarsh sharma. Diya painting activity was scheduled during the silent occupation in respective houses under the supervision of TOD's and House mothers.
The evening shrdhanjali Sabha in the MJS hall commenced with garlanding and lamp lightning by Vice Principal Mrs. Naina Dhillon and Guest Mr. S K Dixit .A lecture on mindfulness was delivered by eminent guest Mr. S K Dixit (Retd.DFO).Presently, he is working as visiting faculty in Jiwaji University. A group of students presented two bhajans,SURAJ KI GARMI SE JALTE HUEY TAN KO MIL JAYE TARUVAR KI CHHAYA… followed by TU HI MATA TU HI PITA HAI… Mr. OPBhargava ,Mr. Ravi Shankar and Ms. Ranjana Pathak made the evening memorable.

OCT 12

Venue- Vivekanand Needam Incharge- Ms Adarsh Sharma

On 12th October 2018 , to celebrate the birth anniversary of Rajmata , the students of grade 7 and 8 went for a field visit to Vivekanand Needam for yogic knowledge.To begin with , we enhanced our knowledge of yoga through an enthusiastic session comprising of Suryanamaskar and some asans like tadasan , sarvangasan , bhujangasan etc. We also learnt different types of Pranayam like Bhastrika and Anolom Vilom.After relaxing we all were excited for the campus visit. Firstly , we saw the beauty of kuccha houses and got to know their speciality of staying cool in summers and warm in winters. We also got to know about the bio-gas plant and its function and usage in daily life . As we moved further, to our amazement we saw different types of rodents and birds.
The most important part of our visit was cleaning the campus of Vivekanand Needam . It truly promoted the idea of 'Swach Bharat'. It was a great learning experience for all of us.

OCT 09

In charges- Ms. S. Sharma & Ms. A. Joseph

Twenty nine students of History and Sociology went for a heritage walk to Tansen's tomb, Mohammad Gaus' tomb and Gujri Mahal. Tansen's tomb is an ornate, 15thcentuary mausoleum with hexagonal towers and the tomb of Sufi saint Mohammad Gaus. The mausoleum was endowed with intricate trellis work and was well maintained. Mohammad Gaus came to Gwalior in 1545, on his arrival people from far and wide went to him asking solutions to their problems. So when Tansens parents came to know about him they went to him asking blessings for their child, who later was Tansen. The students also came to know the story behind the Gujri Mahal, it went on like this…Raja Maan Singh Tomar went to the village for hunting, there he saw a lady, on seeing her he madly fell in love with her and wanted to marry her but she put forth three conditions, one she wanted the same environment as the village, second the water would come from her own village, and third she would not adhere to the practice of Parda. These were the three reasons why the Gujri Mahal was built. The excursion was also covered by the media. We had a question answer session with the journalists of various newspapers like DANIK BHASKAR, NAI JEEVAN and PATRIKA. Students learned about the art and architecture of the buildings and also saw the 1st, 2nd and 5th century sculptures. The visit enabled the students in their research project, curriculum development and carrier opportunities.

OCT 09

Field Visit - Class–IX

Incharge- Ms Lakhwinder

OCT 09

Venue- Surya Roshni Ltd., Malanpur

On 9th October ,2018, students of class VIII visited a Light weight mineral-based industry – Surya Roshni Ltd.Malanpur. This is a light weight industry that uses sand and aluminium as raw materials. Sand is melted in the big furnace (which is also Asia's biggest furnace) and glass is then moulded into different shapes. With the help of aluminium, bulb caps are made.It is then passed through various stages to make the final product- Bulbs and Tubelights. Students also got a chance to see LED section where assembling of LED bulb was going on. All the raw material used in this section is imported from China. Students asked many questions about raw materials, chemicals used in Industry, means of transportation, total production, export and import. It was an enriching experience and has helped our students to think, reflect and retain their knowledge with effectiveness and gain topic-related vocabulary. The students were escorted by Ms.Meenakshi Dixit, Ms N.Chaturvedi, Ms S.Sahay, Ms.K.Pillai, Ms.S.Bose and Mr.B.Rao.

OCT 05

Health & Hygiene Checkup III (Classes VI-XII) ends

Time– 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m Venue- Infirmary

OCT 03

Inter-House Hindi Dramatics(Vasundhara and Yashodhara House)

Incharges- Ms. V. Shrivastava, Ms. A. Sharma & Ms. A. Kashyap

OCT 02

Gandhi Jayanti

OCT 01

Inter-House Oil Painting (Srs)

Venue- Jr Block

In charge- Mr. A.Sharma

OCT 01

Inter-House Hindi Dramatics(Usha and Madhavi House)

Incharges- Ms. V. Shrivastava, Ms. A. Sharma & Ms. A. Kashyap